What do you think of these images? How do they make you feel?


 All the above poster art pieces were created by Shepard Fairey. There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the man behind Obama’s campaign HOPE poster. He’s known as a propaganda pop and street artist who emerged from the skateboard scene and climbed into a pretty well-established level of fame. He’s been accused of plagiarism and lack of originality in some cases, and by other people, he’s been hailed as an avant guard artist comparable to Andy Warhol. As I read through criticism of his work, as well as appraisals, I found several photos that spoke to me particularly, addressing Arab women. 

I post them here for your commentary and feedback. 



One response to “What do you think of these images? How do they make you feel?

  1. True, he is not original; but then again nothing is anymore.

    The first image, however, is the most original of all 3.

    If you look at it closely it is a very sexual image, the curtains are placed to mimic a woman’s vagina, her hands carefully separating them as if she is birthing herself.

    She is peering between 2 curtains (carpets?) with a determined yet cautious look in her face. I feel that it is trying to portray the birth of The New Arab Woman- strong, self reliant, and very secure with her background. By that I mean she doesn’t use “social oppression” as a crutch, but rather as a shield (think of something along the lines of a bullet proof vest).

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