The Institutionalization of Insecurity: Soullessness and Immigration In The Middle East

I’ll start off simply and attempt to keep it that way: We have some pretty tiring immigration laws in the Middle East, and they make the entire ordeal of trying to feel a sense of belonging really difficult. The problem is that when you feel you dont belong, you never really invest your soul into the place in which you live, and since the Gulf countries of the region are actually comprised of a majority of expats, the land is cloaked by a heavy air of emptiness despite the glitz and glam which makes up its developing economy. More importantly, if you dont belong, you never quite feel secure, and if you come to the Gulf for a better life from homelands or native origins which are already relatively insecure, then you’re carrying your internal voids with you into a land of baggage.

First I have to give credit where its due to keep things balanced. Many are grateful and should be eternally more so for the chances provided to them by the labor demand in the Gulf Arab region, and for the opportunities, both financial and career related, made available to them vis a vie petro dollars.  This gratefulness however poses quite a paradox, because although one feels like a better life is waiting in the Gulf, upon arrival, there are direct reminders that the struggle has only begun. Visa’s are a hassle to get for various reasons, all of which stem from the home government’s need to control its demographics in order to ensure the safety of its minority of citizens. Its understandable. What’s not understandable is the shortage of foresight on part of leaders across the region as to the ways in which they can improve security by allocating resources to equalize economic gain and create an economy based on less depravity and more cooperative gain.

There seems to be a profit in renting labor, and a profit from home governments in sending labor abroad. Think about what the means for a second – it means that insecurity is profitable.

But what does one do with more money and no home?

Continuous consumerism has its perks for sure – but will the soul ever flourish if it doesnt land?

Enough on this for now.

– Love in a Box


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