Soap In a Box is a soundboard for our thoughts on changes taking place on both public and deeply personal domains in our beloved region, the Middle East. A soapbox historically originated as a raised platform on which people made public speeches usually about political topics, calling for change in the face of adversity and perceived injustices. A soapbox is vernacular for washing notions clean and investigating layers of truths, which comprise the complex nature of a variety of occurrences and concepts. Our blog, Soap In a Box, takes this terminology and personalizes it, referring directly to the boxes (categories of ethnicity, religion, sex, class and nationality, and much more) that so often marginalize and yet define us simultaneously.

In dissecting these boxes, Soap In a Box underlines the basic idea that although belief is a staple force for change, evolution and self-determination, it can also serve as a hindrance to the wisdom necessary for genuine tolerance and cross cultural understanding. While belief gives each of us meaning, the very uniqueness of that meaning means that it will dance, clash and seep into various other belief systems. There are so many ways to soap a box, and the multifarious background of both authors of this site pays tribute to that, and in so doing, colors the pages of this site with an eagerness to understand the human condition. Our sheer love for the region and its volatile experiences has motivated us to investigate our meanings, and share that journey with all of you!

We hope you enjoy the ride.

Roll up your sleeves and lets soap it all up!


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